About Ryan

Dear CredPo Reader:

Thank you immensely for visiting The Credit Post, Credit Advice Put Simply.  The Credit Post is here to deliver helpful credit advice with simplicity. It is my hope that you find CredPo exciting, refreshing, and insightful.

But before I tell you about the site, here’s a little about me:

T. Ryan AlexanderI am a husband and a father to 2 beautiful children. I love to joke around with family and friends, tinker with electronics, and learn about the most trivial of things. My purpose for life is to enjoy the time I have, but most importantly, to invest in making a difference by any means necessary. My desire to assist others is the reason for creating this site. I believe that everyone has a fundamental right to understand how credit works, regardless of background or financial status. Having credit is one of your greatest, most important possessions. Use it wisely; it can open unlimited opportunities, such as obtaining a college degree, your dream car, starting a business, or purchasing your first home. However, if abused, it can lead one down a very dark path, including financial stress, hopelessness, broken homes, and even poor health.

“Okay, you’re being a bit dramatic”, you might say.

Sadly, this is what I personally experienced throughout my childhood. Don’t get me wrong; I am proud of my upbringing. It taught me to have determination and the drive needed to create a better future. Nevertheless, I wonder how much better my life would have been had my parents understood how credit works, or how to avoid the traps set out to those who are already at a disadvantage based on location. You know what I’m referring to: When you see, not financial advisors or local banks, but the title and payday loan businesses at every corner. Imagine the embarrassment when you witness your neighbors’, or worse yet your parents’, car repossessed because of being dealt a bad deal.

The great thing is that it doesn’t have to be this way. Even better, if you are in this situation now, there is a way out. “But, why is it so difficult, so confusing, and so stressful to attain financial stability,” you may ask. The reasons are endless, but it’s important to know that, once you discover the basics of credit, you will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

How will CredPo help you?

  • Explain how to build, use, and repair credit in simple language
  • Shed light on various credit traps and scams to alert you on what to avoid
  • Share inspirational credit success stories provided by other CredPo Readers
  • And much more great content

What do I request from you? Please, give me your feedback (but please have mercy)! I want to provide great content, but this is only possible if I have your help. Come to the site often, and tell others about CredPo. I am excited about our adventure. And I wish congratulations on your credit journey.

Your Fellow CredPoster,

-T. Ryan Alexander

Founder of The Credit Post